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It All Starts with You

Sometimes, it’s extremely difficult to reach out for support. We want to help you find the right supports for you. You might be feeling sceptical and reluctant to ask strangers for help, we want to make this easier for you. After all it isnt easy to hand over a part of your life to someone else. 

The good thing is the team at My Choice Group understands your concerns. We see the step towards support services as a positive stride. It isn’t about letting someone else run your lives. Rather, it is giving more control and independence back to you and your loved one’s lives. 

Be unapologetically happy and empowered as you work with us to achieve your goals.

Your Life, Your Pace

At My Choice Group, we believe in personalised care. To earn your trust, we develop support plans with you that are tailored to your needs. Aside from that, we make sure to inform you of your options and tailor a solution according to your preference.

We guarantee to be with you every step of the process. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed in choosing what’s best for you. Together with our care professionals, you can create a support service that you need – be it driving to your doctor’s appointment or completing household chores.

We are passionate about helping you, and we never assume to know what you want. So, you can always tell us your needs. We will listen and offer solutions that will work for you.

Share Your Story

When it comes to choosing whether you want disability support and care services or not, you need to carefully assess your situation with a team you can trust. That’s why you can talk to us before you make a decision. We will thoroughly explain every detail to you, so you have a clear understanding of our services.

My Choice Group, Paving Better Opportunities

Call us to share your journey and see if we are the right provider for you Then we’ll arrange to visit to answer questions with no obligation and see if My Choice Group is the right solution for you.

You can reach us Monday to Friday between 8AM to 4PM on 0437 810 790. You can also email our team at